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From 7 August from hr. 8.00 to 9.30 EVERY SATURDAY at the Marina di Brindisi YOGA with Claudia Lovato, Satyananda Method – Yoga Ratna.

Yoga, the journey within the holiday.
During the holiday, a moment dedicated to the journey within oneself, a pause to listen to and pamper yourself.
Yoga classes that adapt to the specific needs of the participants. For adults, children, the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled.
And also for more specific groups such as bikers, trekkers, freedivers or divers.
In Italian and English
Classes are held according to the Satyananda method and Yoga Ratna. The tools used in the journey are the traditional ones:
1. Asana:
dynamic and static movements of the body. In the asanas the plant, animal, human and divine world is represented and the practitioner who performs them aims to awaken in himself the qualities of what he represents. The self-therapeutic forces of the body are reactivated and channeled.
2. Pranayama:
it is the control of vital energies through the breath.
3. Yoganidra:
techniques of relaxation and focusing of the mind conducive to a meditative state.
4. Mantra:
sound vibrations that release mental forces and bring well-being. Each lesson begins and ends with the repetition of the Mantra Aum (Om).
The different forms of sadhana (practice) proposed:

• Individual, couple or group lesson:
the most suitable practice according to the specific needs of practitioners.
• Lesson in pairs:
the asanas are undertaken with another person. In this way, the benefits are enhanced and you get to know yourself and the other better.
• Passive Yoga Class:
active practice is replaced by receiving asanas. The body comes
conducted from one movement to another by the expert hands of the teacher. Gentle and deep handling, with the support of Tibetan bells and dōTERRA certified therapeutic grade essential oils.
We need rugs, pillows and throws.
A clean, warm and free from furniture space.
When weather conditions also allow outdoor spaces in
countryside or the sea.
The lessons will be held by Claudia Lovato. According to the Satyananda method and Yoga Ratna.
The duration of each meeting can vary from 60 to 120 minutes. Depending on the needs of the group, cycles or individual meetings can be organized.
“And the star said: ‘I will give the light. I don’t know if the darkness will disappear “. Rabidranath Tagore
This phrase inspires Claudia’s personal research path as a student, sadhaka. A path that leads her first to graduate in Eastern History and then to train as a teacher of Satyananda and Yoga Ratna.
He deepened the themes of Yoga with children, pregnant and post-partum women and the Yoga of Sound, Nada Yoga.
The love for philosophy, curiosity and the search for harmony have led her around the world giving her the opportunity to know and practice with different Masters and different disciplines such as Kathakali, Indian classical dance, and Kalaripayattu, art Indian martial.
Since October 2004 he has been working independently as a Yoga teacher at state and international schools, sports, tourist and cultural associations, in Italian and English.
Since 2008 member and coordinator Puglia and Basilicata (since 2012) of Y.A.N.I., Yoga – National Teachers Association.
In 2009 founder and president of A.S.D. Padma, association for the dissemination of Yoga Satyananda method and Yoga Ratna.

Info and reservations:
Tel. +39 377 32 38 275

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