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“Cazza, lasca and tack”. Gv3 (A Gonfie vele verso la vita) hosts on its boats the boys of the Eridano cooperative and the Punto Luce association. The initiative is part of the “Blue Week 2023” event. Day of the sea of ​​marine culture “, organized by the Port Authority of Brindisi. On 22 April at 9 am, the boys and Gv3 volunteers will be at the Marina di Brindisi tourist port to experience the emotions of the sea together. Guests will be engaged in marine biology laboratories created by the Flow Aps “Progetto Colmare” association, and then board a sailboat, where they will learn about navigation practices, thanks to the knowledge provided by the Gv3 crew. An exhibition entitled “Let’s get to know Baron – the boat rescued from crime that has become a symbol of legality” will also be set up under the portico. The story of Baron will be told through photos and a video documentary, the sailboat assigned to the association, confiscated from human traffickers and has become an asset for the community. Thanks to the lift, installed by Gv3 at the pier of the marina, passengers with disabilities will also be embarked. For 10 years Gv3 has been committed with its activities to promote solidarity sailing in Brindisi, for a sea accessible to all.

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