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Puglia Foundation financed the GV3 Association for participation in the event that takes place on 1 October: “I’m not a mural – Signs of the community”.

The initiative promoted by Acre will involve various communities in the creation of a choral work and is held on the occasion of the ninth European Foundations Day.

In recent days, in fact, about 1,000 children, teenagers, artists, teachers, prisoners, disabled people, migrants will be involved in guided tours to create a mural, reinterpreting in a personal way a stencil created for the occasion by the street artist LDB.

The complete program of the day and the places where the works will be realized are on the website The hashtag to follow the day on social networks is #nonsonounmurales.

But it’s not just about murals, the 1st October Day aims to tell everyone the stories that come to life in these spaces: stories of redemption and creativity, of aggregation and solidarity, of those who take care of your city and its inhabitants.

The Covid-19 pandemic has uncovered some of the inequalities that tear our society apart and further aggravated them. The Day is also intended to be an opportunity to regain possession of community spaces, return to planning together and – while respecting all safety rules – start sharing ideas and practices for the common good.

Puglia Foundation and the GV3 Association carry out a work in Brindisi

They participate in the European Foundations Day with the realization of the work in an innovative and original way, the realization will be unveiled on October 1st in Brindisi at 11:00 at the Lungomare di Brindisi, near the Hotel Internazionale, in the presence of the Commander the Port Authority Fabrizio Coke, the President of the Puglia Foundation Paolo Spinelli and the President of the GV3 Association Marco Miglietta.

The work will be exhibited on the boat of the GV3 Association called “Baron” and will be visible in the internal port of Brindisi. The realization was attended by the volunteers of GV3 and the children of the Community for minors SOS Village of Ostuni, who for several years have participated in the solidarity sailing activities of GV3.

The work created represents an adult bending over to tie a child’s shoes, an image depicting childcare and which is common to all the other works carried out in other Italian locations.

The work then depicts other elements more typical of the reality in which it was created:

A path that represents the proposal of a path that will guide the infant during his growth, towards a safe destination, and therefore the lighthouse.

From there the child, once an adult, will be free like the seagulls, to choose and fly towards his own future, therefore the horizon and the rising sun, where the sun, as the lighthouse did up to that moment, will continue to illuminate the steps of his choices and his future.

European Foundations Day

The European Foundation Day, held every year on October 1st, is an initiative launched in 2013 by DAFNE (Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe), the organization that brings together 30 national foundation associations from across the continent, to which in Italy are members of Acri, which associates foundations of banking origin, and Assifero, the association which brings together business, family and community foundations. European Foundations Day is an opportunity to help raise awareness of foundations and their work. Often ignored by the general public, there are more than 10 thousand foundations in Europe and, together with the world of volunteering and the third sector, they contribute to nurturing and innovating welfare and culture throughout the continent.

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