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Brindisi Marina

ilmarinadef1 (1)The most impor­tant Marina in the Adria­tic Sea was born in a shel­te­red har­bor of the great natu­ral har­bor of Brin­disi, whose ancient history, a set of cul­tu­res and memo­ra­ble events, sent him rightly the name of ‘Gateway of the East’. In fact, the Marina is situa­ted in a par­ti­cu­larly favo­ra­ble posi­tion for yacht owner: it is nea­rest the entrance of com­mer­cial port, in the eastern creek, in Bocca di Puglia loca­lity, an area boun­ded on the north by the root of the brea­k­wa­ter, on the East from S. Andrew Island and from Alfon­sino Castle.

The new Brin­disi Marina is par­ti­cu­larly inte­re­sting because of its stra­te­gic loca­tion. In fact, thanks to its pro­xi­mity to major inter­na­tio­nal Air­port of Brin­disi, which is only a few miles from the Marina, it can easily con­nect Europe to the rest of the Medi­ter­ra­nean. The Marina is the natu­ral logi­stics base, uni­que and fasci­na­ting, to reach in just a few miles Croa­tia, Greece, Tur­key, Mon­te­ne­gro and Alba­nia and the most popu­lar Ita­lian desti­na­tions such as Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca, Gal­li­poli, Ionic Apu­lia up to the Aeo­lian Islands.

Marina Plan­ning


Geo­gra­phic coor­di­na­tes:
40° 39’,50 N – 17°57’,95 E

The new Brin­disi Marina is loca­ted on the most shel­te­red and pro­tec­ted curve of the port of Brin­disi, cal­led Cove of Bocca di Puglia, loca­ted bet­ween S. Andrew Island and Forte a Mare Castle, on Porto Medio.

Ber­ths: 638 from Mt. 6 up to Mt. 35.

Time entrance: Continuous.

All units have direct con­tact with the port at least 30 minu­tes early via VHF ch. 8 and 16 the direc­tion of the port infor­ming them about arri­val, drive type, name and natio­na­lity of the ship, ori­gin and draft. All units lea­ving the dock of the port have prio­rity over those ente­ring which will have to wait in the basin evo­lu­tion.
The access is bet­ween the Forte a Mare brea­k­wa­ter and Costa Morena brea­k­wa­ter (Porto Medio entrance).

3644 (E 2204) — Fla­shing green light every 3 seconds, can be seen up to 5 miles, on the top of Forte a Mare brea­k­wa­ter; up to 7 miles away on the top of Costa Morena breakwater.

Marine draught: muddy.
Draught at ber­ths from 3 to 11 metres.
Radio: Vhf chan­nel 08 and 16.
Pre­vai­ling wind: Nor­th­west.
Onshore wind: Scirocco

Marina Plan­ning (.pdf)

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